Raptors Floorball Club

Major Sponsors

Odin Chriopractic

Division 1 player Jeremy Sangster is the owner of Odin Chiropractic, which has an objective of delivering expert adjustments to optimise the function of the human body. In addition to determining the underlying cause of health problems, Odin’s staff specialise in formulating care plans which will provide the fastest and most sustainable results, along with long term strengthening and prevention plans to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Emerge Associates

Emerge Associates are passionate and respected environmental consultants and landscape architects who work closely with our clients and project teams to deliver exceptional innovative outcomes for our projects, and we are driven to enhance the environments in which we work. Emerge provides a suite of integrated environmental consulting and landscape architectural services, with this multi-faceted service offering differentiate it from and adding value above traditional, narrower disciplined service providers.

Saptial Property Group

Division 3 player and committee member Bruce Young is the owner of Spatial Property Group, which since being established in 2010 has built a strong reputation for excellence within real estate as well as the residential and commercial land development industry. The Spatial team takes great pride in developing communities that future generations will be proud to live and work and in, striving to deliver the highest quality, value-for-money real estate and property services to its client base, and developments that adhere to the highest standards of sustainable living and contemporary design.

Thanks to the Club sponsors

The Club considerably expanded its fundraising activities during 2021/22 season. Amounts raised will better position the Club to hold or even reduce membership fees and fund development activities in
future years.

On behalf of all members, the  committee sincerely thanks each of our sponsors – most of which are
connected to Club members.

In addition to the sponsorships detailed below, the Club also received a community grant from  Realestate.com, which will be used for our junior development  program. The Club is extremely grateful for this support.

Please show your support: all members and supports are asked to please return the support from our
sponsors, including by following them on social media and using their services at every opportunity.


We have a range of sponsorship options available.

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